Ttemporarily suspend in Sanctuary Worship at this time

The Worship Committee recommended to the Church Council, last Thursday evening, we temporarily suspend in Sanctuary Worship at this time until further notice. This is due to the surge in COVID-19, and the exceptionally low attendance, (also impacted by COVID-19). We will continue to worship on Facebook.

I also look forward to doing some form of weekly Meditation, though I am not sure how it will get to folks at this time. I am painfully aware, there are many who have no means of worshipping with our congregation due to not being able to see us on TCC Cable Community Channel or on Facebook. I have been disheartened at not being able to reach you with the WORD. So, over the next month or so, I will figure this out, and hopefully have a way ALL of this congregation can be served. 

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Christmas Eve will be celebrated via a Worship Service which will be posted on our Facebook page and Website. The service will be a simple service with some scripture, prayers and lots of Christmas Hymns. The hymn words will be posted (if all goes well) so you will be able to sing along. And, at the end there will be the traditional closing with Candle light (so if you have a candle, battery or wick, you can have it ready for the service.

Also, I am looking at doing a short and separate Children’s Service for Christmas Eve. I am checking in to several things and will know more soon. If it happens, it will be posted also on the Website and Facebook page.

A reminder, to view the church Facebook (FB) page you do not need to have a Facebook page yourself. Our church FB page is an open page.

Pastor Lois

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