*Church Council

The Church Council is the executive body of the church.  It is composed of the Pastor, the Moderator, the Clerk, the Financial Secretary, the Treasurer, the Secretary and the member of each of the following committees:

  • Ministry of Christian Education
  • Ministry of Mission
  • Ministry of Church Property
  • Women’s Fellowship and Ministry
  • Ministry of Worship

The Moderator chairs meetings and the Clerk serves as the secretary.  The Council is the policy-making body and conducts the business of the church. 

The council meets at the church, the 2nd Thursday of each month, 5:30pm.

2022 Executive Body

  • Pastor – Open Position
  • Moderator – Terry Rosenberg
  • Clerk –  Jan Walker
  • Treasurer Liaison: Tracy Taber-Perry
  • Financial Secretaries – Mary Robbins and Committee
  • Church Secretary – Jan Walker