The purpose of the Women’s Fellowship committee is to provide fellowship, sharing and caring by all women of our UCC church for all members of our church community.   We depend on your support to offer several large fund raising projects every year to help the church.  Some of the major projects include the

  • Spring Supper
  • Harvest Supper
  • Holiday Bazaar

Another important mission of this committee is to provide a lunch and fellowship for family and friends after a funeral at our church.  Church members may also be asked to help provide assistance to the pastor at a nursing home service.

  • This committee meets every other month or on an as needed basis.
  • This committee meets in the fellowship hall in the church.
  • Any and all women of the church are members of this committee.
  • The women of the church elect the executive board

For additional information or assistance, please contact  Ann Soiney, Mary Robbins or Virginia Kittleson.