The Osseo United Church of Christ Ministry of Christian Education is responsible for providing each person the opportunity to seek and develop their Christian faith according to the guidelines of the United Church of Christ.


  1. Oversee the ongoing education of the church
  2. Provide the resources and educators needed
  3. Encourage involvement for the ongoing educational process of our congregation and community
  4. Oversee the education and guidelines for the Confirmation classes
  5. Write, implement and oversee our Safe Sanctuary policy
  6. Support and work with our Pastor in Christian Education


  1. Schedule the calendar of educational events
  2. Provide support for our educators
  3. Supply educational curriculum and materials
  4. Recruit and support dedicated educators
  5. Plan and implement a budget
  6. Encourage family involvement
  7. Develop guidelines for active participation for the present and future growth of our church
  8. Constantly review policies and keep abreast of changes
  9. This committee meets in the fellowship hall of the church the first Wednesday of the month for the months of :
  10. o   February
    o   March
    o   April
    o   May
    o   June
    o   August
    o   September
    o   October
    o   November
    o   December

Membership on this committee consists of:
Lynne Anderson & Jessica Leinon – co-chairs, Jeanne Easterson – secretary, Jan Walker , Tami Frase, Shelly Rue & Krista Kierstyn

For additional information or assistance, please contact Lynne Anderson,